How we operate

At TakaTaka Solutions we know that successful waste management has to be sustainable.
To accomplish sustainability we have developed a comprehensive understanding of recycling and recycling related market conditions in developing countries like Kenya.

Based on that know-how we designed and implemented operating procedures that are unique in our field. A claim that we can prove to our customers: TakaTaka Solutions is able to recycle up to 95% of collected waste. This recycling quote is unrivalled, even compared to first world competitors.

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Recycling: How we it do it

The initial separation of waste into two fractions (organic and inorganic) by our clients enables us to separate further and recycle the various waste components into valuable resources.

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Organic waste: The vast majority of waste that we collect is composed of organic materials (around 60%). All of the organic waste we collect is brought to our central composting facility where we produce high-quality compost: The TakaTaka Solution Biobooster.

Recyclables: From the inorganic waste fraction we sort plastics (containers, bottles, packaging), papers (paper, cardboard), metals and others. These materials are then sold to recycling industries across Nairobi.

Glass bottles: We create beautiful wine glasses and tumblers out of recycled bottles.


Professional – We provide:
– Twice a week collection (or more)
– Branded bins and/or sacks for waste separation into two fractions
– Trained collectors with protective work gear
– Fully NEMA & CNN licensed services

Modern/ Innovative
– Mobile-phone enabled tracking of every kilogram of waste that we collect and recycle
– All waste collection trucks and equipment are no older than 5 years

– Customized service packages according to our clients’ needs
– On-going costumer service
– Open days to visit our recycling points


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