Why we care about waste

Waste management is a major challenge in Kenya. The public sector struggles to run an effective and efficient waste management system. Private sector waste collection companies only collect waste to dispose it at badly managed dumpsites. This neglects the potential value of waste. As a consequence, waste management becomes so expensive that 66% of Nairobi’s inhabitants (2.5 million people) cannot afford it. Uncollected waste causes severe health and environmental problems.

Our approach is different. We have realised: Waste is not a problem. It’s an opportunity if you manage it professionally. And that’s what we do.

At TakaTaka Solutions we aim to bring about socio-economic and environmental change. We provide:

  • Affordable waste collection services to all income areas
  • Recycling and composting of 95% of collected waste
  • Provision of high quality compost (organic fertilizer) that restores soil fertility
  • Job creation for youths from lower income areas
  • A cleaner and healthier environment
  • Provision of high quality recycling products