The Waste Issue We Are Solving

Our approach

We collect your waste like every other waste collector, but, instead of taking it to a landfill, we take it to our own sites, where we sort the waste, and then recycle it, either ourselves or with a local partner.

Our Mission

We strive to make Nairobi a cleaner, healthier city to live in by recycling waste into new, usable items. Our offering is to enable our clients to be green and environmentally-conscious, and contribute to a good environment that will benefit people, animals and the economy alike.

How We Work

TakaTaka Solutions have a fleet of orange trucks. One will come to your sites to collect all of your waste in bags that we have given you. Then we bring the waste to our sites, where the waste will be sorted. The three major sorting categories are organic waste, recyclables and residual waste. We are able to recycle on average 95% of collected waste, with only 5% going to a landfill as it is not recyclable (diapers and sanitary towels). We turn the organic waste into organic compost, and it is then sold to farms that can grow healthy crops. The rest of the recycled waste is washed and treated to be used as a new product.

Our Impact

  • We boost job creation for people from low-income areas
  • With 95% recycling rate, we achieve one of the highest recycling rates globally (USA only recycles 35%)
  • Contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment to previously neglected areas


  • Enable farmers to increase their agricultural soil fertility
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