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  • Staff Profile: 5 Questions with Faith Nthenya, Area Manager, Githogoro Recycling

    The Staff Profile series will introduce some of Takataka Solutions’ employees, and give you a behind the scenes peek into what it’s like to keep Nairobi safi! First up, Faith Nthenya, the area manager for Githogoro Recycling Point. Faith Nthenya poses in front of the day’s delivered waste that her team is about to sort “Ni takataka lakini tunasuluhisha,” Faith Nthenya, area manager of the Githogoro recycling facility, tells me…

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  • Moving the Sustainable Development Goals Forward: TakaTaka Solutions at UNEA2

    The United Nations Environmental Assembly met and passed a wide range of resolutions that will govern the work of UNEP, and member states environmental departments going forward. These resolutions were broad, and included agreements on the work required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015. Significantly, a large part of this UNEA was focused on the human impact of poor environmental conditions. Key resolutions passed were about the…

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  • We’ll be at the UN Environment Assembly #2

    The United Nation Environment Assembly (UNEA) meets for the 2nd time in Nairobi from 23 to 27 May 2016 next week and Takataka Solutions has been invited to showcase the waste management services we provide, and how these contribute to a healthy and clean Nairobi. UNEA is described by the United Nations as “the parliament of the environment” and convenes representatives from all nations to set UNEP’s agenda with regard…

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  • Introducing Takataka Solutions: Changing Nairobi’s waste story

    2,400 tonnes of waste are produced every day in Nairobi. Only 33% of this is collected by the Nairobi City County and private sector companies according to a 2010 study by the Japanese Development Agency (JICA). The rest of the waste is dumped in rivers, open areas or burned. The collected waste goes to Dandora dumpsite, where it is disposed in the open. Open dumping of waste not only poses…

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    Have you ever asked yourself what happens to your waste once you dispose it? Recycling of waste products in Kenya is gradually coming of age through initiatives and firms that have come up with innovative ways in which waste product can be used to our benefit. TakaTaka Solutions will take you through a series of articles highlighting what good can come from recycling waste products and finally answer the question,…

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