Did you know that Nairobi produces 750,000 tonnes of waste a year? And have you heard that 70% of that waste is organic waste?

That is a more than half a million tonnes of organic waste – a huge potential that is currently unused!

We at TakaTaka Solutions unlock this potential. We turn organic waste into high quality organic fertiliser (compost).

(Killing two birds with one stone)

Compost has many benefits: It closes the loop for organic waste while providing a high quality agricultural input. At the same time greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

But what is compost and how does composting work?

To put it simply, compost is a product resulting from controlled biological decomposition of organic materials. Organic fertilizer is an organic matter resource that has the unique ability to improve the chemical (nutritional), physical and biological characteristic of soils and other growing media.

Organic fertiliser is extremely versatile and beneficial in many applications. The real benefits of using organic fertilizer are long-term and related to its content of living-organic matter. In contrast to Europe and the USA, tropical soils have less soil fertility, texture and organic matter content.

(Organic fertilisers work best in Africa!)

This makes organic fertiliser even more beneficial in African soils.

  • Improves the soil structure, porosity and density
  • Improves water holding capacity, reducing water loss and leaching
  • Supplies a variety of macro and micronutrients
  • Supplies significant quantities of organic matter

TakaTaka Solution’s “Bioplus” is made from source separated organic waste. It is produced with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring appropriate sanitization and hygenization. “Bioplus” is certified under the Kenyan Organic Fertiliser Standard. Additionally TakaTaka Solutions works with various research organizations to conduct independent field trials using.

Please contact to find out how TakaTaka Solutions “Bioplus” can improve the soil fertility of your land.