Moving the Sustainable Development Goals Forward: TakaTaka Solutions at UNEA2

The United Nations Environmental Assembly met and passed a wide range of resolutions that will govern the work of UNEP, and member states environmental departments going forward. These resolutions were broad, and included agreements on the work required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015.

Significantly, a large part of this UNEA was focused on the human impact of poor environmental conditions. Key resolutions passed were about the proper management of waste. These included a resolution on ways to deal with marine litter and debris including plastics and micro-plastics; on the reduction of food waste; on sustainable consumption and production; and on pollution management. Under the banner, ‘Healthy Environment, Healthy People’, resolutions were passed on the sound management of waste, and of chemicals. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that 12.6 million deaths are attributable to environmental factors each year. The world is recognising that clean environments, the result of proper management of waste among other things, are crucial to achieving global development targets.

moving sustainable development goals forward

Gitonga at Takataka Solutions’ booth at UNEA2

TakaTaka Solutions was represented by a few staff members. Gitonga, our chief commercial officer attended side events with a variety of foci. He says the sessions which were on wastewater management, creation of a circular economy, and renewable energy solutions were very informative, allowing him to learn about critical environmental challenges facing the world today.

Susan Letuya, our partnership manager, manned our exhibition booth and used the opportunity to reach out to potential new partners whom TTS can work with in creating awareness of clean waste management. From the conference she realised that the challenges faced in Kenya dealing with solidwaste are the same worldwide.  She concluded that a lot of valuable materials are thrown away, which if recovered, would provide enough resources to provide for budgets in different sectors.

The event was professionally organised and judging from the number of events and resolutions focused on waste management, the topic seems to be moving to the centre of discussions in global development. Only 0.3% of international development funding goes towards waste management currently but that amount is set to increase to 3%, which is exciting news.

At TakaTaka Solutions we are playing our part in moving proper waste management targets forward. We collect waste from all income level areas of Nairobi, and sort, recycle and compost this waste such that less than 5% of waste on average has to end up in a landfill. In this way we provide clean green jobs to unemployed youth. What will YOU do to play your part?

This infographic shows how integral waste management is to achieving the SDG’s.

moving sustainable development goals forward

For more on the UNEA2 resolutions visit this link.

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