At TakaTaka Solutions we sort the recyclable part of the waste into more than 40 fractions. From high-density polyethylene bags to light bulbs, we really try to recycle everything.

This means that we work with many recycling partners to help us recycle all the sorted materials. Here is how our partnership model works:

  • We seek long-term partnerships with professional recyclers
  • We care about reliability as much as we care about price
  • We want to understand how our partners recycle as this helps us get them better sorted materials
  • Recycling partners need to pick-up the materials from one of our recycling points
  • We want our recycling partners to grow with us

Materials available

Below a list of items that are currently available. However, if there is another material you are interested in, it is very likely that we can get it for you. Just contact us.

Where to collect from

Our sales representatives


Damaris Mwende

Customer Service Enquiries
+254 (0)702021209


Esther Wanjema

Sales Enquiries
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