Who we collect from

We collect from household across all income areas. This includes apartments, townhouses and resident associations.

We currently do not collect from single houses.


Your needs

  • Reliable and professional services at every level
  • A service provider that is able to guide you on how to better manage your waste
  • Going green and recycling all your waste
  • Compliance with both local and international standards

Our services

  • Modern trucks and equipment
  • A highly professional management team
  • The infrastructure and expertise to recycle and compost 95% of your waste
  • Compliant with all statutory requirements and exceeding any recycling standards you may have

Reference clients

Our sales representatives


Damaris Mwende

Customer Service Enquiries
+254 (0)702021209


Esther Wanjema

Sales Enquiries
+254 (0)708276201