Recycling is the foundation of our waste management model.

We currently have two sorting sites, where we take the waste we collect, sort it into 45 different fractions and subsequently recycle it.

Examples of recycled products are PET bottles made into fleece jackets, glass bottles can be made into glasses, news paper can be recycled into tissues and aluminium tins is recycled to make new aluminium tins.



In order to recycle and compost the waste we collect accurately, we need to sort the waste. Locally hired women and youth in close proximity to our two sites have been trained to know the 45 different fractions of waste that we use, and will sort everything into bigger sacks. We are then sure that PET bottles, aluminium tins and organic waste will be separated and stored together.


TakaTaka Solutions is able to recycle on average 95% of the waste we collect. Recycling simply means re-using resources, instead of putting them to e.g. a landfill. Reducing landfills is good because landfills releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses. Recycling is also good as it saves energy and water because you don’t have to produce something from raw material.