About us

We collect your waste reliably and sustainably every day.

We offer waste management services to all types of waste producers residential houses and apartments, office buildings, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, factories and hospitals.

Cities across East Africa are growing rapidly, yet, the waste management infrastructure to manage the increasing waste amounts does not exist. Current waste disposal methods are extremely harmful to human and environmental health: 50% of the 4,000 tons of waste produced in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area every day remain uncollected. The remaining 50% is dumped at various dumpsites like Dandora. Less than 10% of the waste actually gets recycled.

What we do: Recycling 95% of the waste we manage

At TakaTaka Solutions we are changing this by recycling 95% of the waste we manage.

Through our vertically integrated model of waste collection, sorting, recycling, composting and incineration we are able to offer our customers a one-stop-shop that meets the most demanding sustainability standards. Our recycling rate of 95% represents one of the highest recycling rates globally.

And when there are no other recyclers for many waste materials, we invest into our own recycling infrastructure to ensure that almost every waste material gets a second life. This is why we recycle the majority of the waste we collect internally. We compost all organic waste at our own composting plant. We recycle all plastics (other than PET bottles) at one of our two in-house plastic recycling plants: One for plastic containers and one for flexible packaging. And we are constantly looking to add additional recycling infrastructure for other waste fractions.

At TakaTaka Solutions we understand waste as a resource.

Our Experience. Your benefit.



We employ 50% women across our operations.



We manage more than 60 tons of waste every day.



We collect from the Greater Nairobi Metropolitan area (Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado and Kiambu).

Our journey so far

• waste collection with handcarts
• first small scale composting plant in Kangemi, Nairobi
→ 10 staff, 500kgs of waste per day

• first sorting site in Kawangware, Nairobi
→ 25 staff & 3,000kgs of waste per day

• First waste collection truck was purchased
→ 50 staff and 6,000 kgs of waste per day

• First medium-scale composting plant in Mutuini, Nairobi
• 2nd sorting site in Githogoro, Nairobi
→ 80 staff and 12,000 kgs of waste per day

• Third sorting site in Muchatha, Kiambu County 2016
• Large-scale composting site in Ehothia, Kiambu County
→ 120 staff and 20,000 kgs of waste per day

• New medium size composting plant in Ehothia, Kiambu County
→ 180 staff and 30,000 kgs of waste per day

• First plastic recycling plant for plastic containers
• Switched waste sorting from tables to drum sieves and conveyors
→ 250 staff and 40,000 kgs of waste per day

• First two buy back centres for waste at Dandora and Thika dumpsite
• New sorting site at Lusigetti, Kiambu County
• New hazardous waste incinerator at Lusigetti
→ 350 staff and 60,000 kgs of waste per day

Our impact today

We manage more than 60 tons of waste per day, making us the largest waste management company in Kenya. We recycle 95% of the waste we manage. We have more than 350 full time staff and operate multiple sites in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area:

• Three sorting sites
• One composting plant
• Two plastic recycling plants (containers and flexibles)
• One incinerator
• Three buy-back centres

Sustainability beyond our core operations

At TakaTaka Solutions we deeply care about the environment. We understand our work on better waste management and recycling to be part of the wider fight against climate change, which we believe to be the most pressing issue of our time. As such, we try to support initiatives that go beyond our core work:

• We committed to plant 100,000 trees in Kenya in 2021 through our partner Eden Reforestation (www.edenprojects.org)

• We offer free waste management services to:
→ Karura Forest
→ Multiple low-income schools
→ Various public hospitals in Kiambu County

• We actively work in improving the wider waste management sector through our involvement on legislative and policy issues.