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Composting organic waste into high quality organic fertilizer – Its just one part of our recycling journey.

we collect


Daily of Nairobi’s waste

Every day we collect waste from hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial clients across the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

we sort


Different fractions

We sort waste into cardboard, paper, plastic containers & packaging, styrofoam, glass, metal, aluminum, shoes, textiles and many more fractions.

we recycle


Of the waste we collect

We recycle plastic containers and packaging ourselves; we make compost from organic waste; and work with recycling partners for other materials.


We collect your waste reliably and sustainably every day.

Together we can make Nairobi a cleaner and healthier city for all of us.

We offer waste management services to all types of waste producers residential houses and apartments, office buildings, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, factories and hospitals.

For our residential customers our services go beyond just collection. We recycle as much waste as possible and reduce everyone’s environmental footprint reliably and conveniently. We help our customers source separate waste into different fractions so that subsequent sorting and recycling becomes easier. We supply a variety of bins and bin liners to make sorting, handling and storage of waste easier. And we offer customized solutions for special waste like garden and bulky waste.

For our commercial customers we create solutions so that waste becomes an opportunity. We provide customized data reports that help our customers improve their operations and reduce costs. We provide insights into their environmental footprint and CO2 emission reductions that can be achieved through recycling. We help develop long-term solutions around take-back systems and Extended Producer Responsibility requirements. And we support our customers in positioning themselves as environment-friendly brands with their customers.

Sorting, Recycling & Composting

We give waste a second life.


Recycling is the foundation of our waste management model.

We always try to recycle as much waste as possible. We achieve this by managing the whole waste value chain with recycling in mind at each and every step.

We start at our customers who we support in proper waste separation at source. We then take the waste to one of our various sorting plants where the waste is further sorted by our staff. We convert the organic waste into compost, a natural soil amendment, at our composting plant. We process plastic containers and packaging into high-value plastic flakes and pellets at our recycling plants. These are then used by local manufacturers to make new plastic products. We work with external recycling partners for other recyclables like paper, cardboard, glass and many other materials.

This combination of in-house recycling and composting as well as working with external recycling partners enables us to recycle 95% of collected waste.


We sort waste into 40 different fractions including paper, plastic containers & packaging, styrofoam, glass, metal, aluminum, shoes, textiles and many more fractions.


We operate state-of-the art recycling facilities for single-use plastic containers, plastic bottles and plastic packaging.


At our composting plant we process organic and garden waste into high quality compost, a natural soil amendment.


We collect waste throughout the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area.