We help make Nairobi a cleaner, healthier city

More than 50% of Nairobi’s waste does not get collected and less than 10% gets recycled. This causes environmental and health problems for everyone.

We are trying to change the way people think about waste and change the current situation for the better.

We collect waste from households, businesses and factories We take the waste to our decentralized sorting sites where we sort it into more than 40 fractions. We compost the organic waste into high quality compost; the other materials (paper, plastic, glass, metal) we either recycle ourselves or do so through our partners. This allows us to achieve one of the highest recycling rates in the world – at 95%!


Reliable and professional service

We are the only waste collector in Nairobi who recycles the waste we collect.
We collect waste from both residential and commercial clients providing a green footprint all over Nairobi.
We ensure reliable and professional service through new trucks with GPS tracking, trained staff and additional options such as onsite sorting and environmental reporting.

Creating Healthier Cities

Recycling is the foundation of TakaTaka’s waste management model.
We currently have two sorting sites, where we take the waste we collect, sort it into 45 different fractions and subsequently recycle it ourselves or through our local partners.

Organic Compost for you!

Of all the waste we collect, around 65% is organic waste. A small part of of it is sold as pig food, and the rest is made into high-quality compost, which takes around 3-4 months.
Our compost is called TakaSoil and is a proven soil amendment that strengthens and rebuilds agricultural as well as garden soil. 


Laikipia Townhouses No. 2
Laikipia Rd, Nairobi

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