Commercial Collection

Brand positioning, Data insights and CO2 savings

Waste management and recycling by TakaTaka Solutions provides unexpected benefits to our commercial customers. Through our services we turn recycling into an opportunity.

Our customized data reports help our customers better analyse their operations and identify opportunities. Reports on CO2 emission savings from recycling support our customers in their sustainability goals. We help companies position themselves with both staff and customers through customized recycling initiatives. We provide solutions around anything required to improve onsite management of waste, ranging from customized bins to compaction machinery. We help develop long-term solutions around take-back systems and Extended Producer Responsibility requirements. And we also manage challenging waste streams such as hazardous, sanitary and medical waste.

Data Insights

We provide onsite staff to help customers better manage their waste while also providing detailed information on the types and quantities of waste produced. Detailed waste data can provide a variety of insights to our customers.

Examples of Data Insights we provide:
>  Turnover indicators by shop types
>  Food wastage in restaurants
>  Food wastage in canteens
>  Tracking of sustainability goals
>  Production wastage

CO2 emission savings

We calculate how the recycling of waste leads to CO2 emission savings for our customers. And to make it also easier to communciate we present the data regularly to our customers on a variety of metrics.


Building a sustainable brand

Through customized recycling initiatives we can help brands better communicate their sustainability efforts to their staff and customers. Ranging from waste separation initiatives across multiple branches to providing opportunities for customers to bring back their recyclable waste, we always like to come up with new initiatives that help our customers.

Customized onsite solutions

Different types of waste require different types of solutions. We are happy to customize the appropriate solution for complex waste streams and provide the appropriate equipment, too:

  • Bins & Trolleys
  • Waste compactors
  • And many others
Environmental compliance

Ensuring continual compliance with the increasing amount of environmental regulations can be a challenge. We help our customers meet and exceed these requirements. From advice on product design and procurement, development of take-back schemes and adapting to extended producer responsibility schemes; we can provide a variety of solutions.

Hazardous, medical and sanitary waste

We are licensed to handle hazardous, medical and sanitary waste and operate our own incinerator for this purpose.



“TakaTaka Solutions continually helps us implement our ambitious sustainability agenda with regards to waste management.”

Manager, Internal Services / Safaricom

“We really like working with TakaTaka Solutions. They are professional, reliable and deeply care about recycling.”

CEO / Sarit Centre

“TakaTaka Solutions not just collects and recycles our waste. They also support us issues ranging from product design to sustainability reporting.”

Chairman / Bio Foods

“We want to do our part in helping the environment. So TakaTaka Solutions was a natural choice.”

Board Chair / Runda Residents Association

“Working with TakaTaka Solutions has been easy. All issues get resolved quickly and sustainably.”

Portfolio Manager / Knight Frank

“Reliability, Responsive and environment-friendly to the highest standard. That is how our experience with TakaTaka Solutions has been.”

COO / Dunhill Consulting